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John McLaughlin
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Rear Admiral John McLaughlin
President and CEO
USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum
San Diego, CA

Dear Tom:

“It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience meeting with you recently to discuss your plans to open the USS John F. Kennedy as a museum in Miami. Your plan is well thought out and most importantly, is focused on a business plan versus an emotional dream, as so many ventures of this sort are. It was refreshing to talk with two successful business executives who understand that profit and loss business models are the most important aspect of bringing a ship like JFK to a city as a museum. The fact that you are considering bringing JFK to an environment with a robust tourist market and strong demographics will ensure your success. The fact that you are surrounded by the cruise ship industry in a highly visible corridor with ample parking and other infrastructure support is very important. I look forward to observing your progress and I am sure you will give this famous Navy ship the homeport support it needs to succeed. Please do not hesitate to call on me if I can be of any assistance in your quest to keep the JFK legacy alive for future generations to enjoy.”