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Malin Burnham
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Malin Burnham
Former President
America's Cup Organizing Committee
San Diego, CA

Dear Tom:

“Thank you for providing us with your comprehensive America’s Cup Enhancement/ Promotion, “Save Our Seas.” What an exciting and worthwhile concept! Of particular interest is your vision of a concert/”Official Opening Ceremonies,” which also serves to raise significant funds for the benefit of the seas. Our dream for the America’s Cup event is to bring together participating nations in a spirit of friendly competition, ultimately to promote international understanding and goodwill. “Save Our Seas” can provide a “higher cause” focal point, to the benefit of us all. ACOC is prepared to offer Tom Martin Creative International (TMCI) all rights related to the production, promotion and telecast of the aforementioned opening ceremony event. For its part, ACOC will work with TMCI to secure Jack Murphy Stadium to the best possible value (thereby allowing the maximum donation to “Save Our Seas”) and to enlist the support and participation of all athletes and dignitaries associated with the America’s Cup event.”