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Jack Williams
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Carl Samson
Sky High Entertainment
Quebec City, Quebec, CA
Adrenaline Rush
Dinosaurs 3D
Human Flight 3D

Dear Tom:

"Our collaborations together have shown me your unique ability to recognize a market need, and create an entertainment product built specifically to fill that need:

"AMERICA’S CUP" – November 2005
You correctly identified the need for the America’s Cup race in Valencia, Spain to be more well promoted here in North America. Your ability to quickly pull together just the right team of consultants, writers, etc. (combined with my company’s track record of IMAX filmmaking success) definitely made for a winning combination where our presentation of "America’s Cup – The Race For Yachting’s Holy Grail" was concerned. Since you and your entire team had been directly involved with Dennis Conner’s America’s Cup effort in Australia, your ability to anticipate all of the race organizer’s needs and concerns and was evident in all of our communications with them.

"GALACTIC ODYSSEY 3D"– February 2006
Your concept of an IMAX film depicting the New Space Race and the State Of New Mexico’s role in it was equally impressive. Your research into the efforts of Governor Richardson and his team helped significantly in crafting a promotional film concept that served to position the Governor and the State in their best possible light. Depicting Burt Rutan and Richard Branson’s partnership to develop "Virgin Galactic’s" Spaceport in New Mexico to enable commercial space travel, "Galactic Odyssey 3D" remains a project that I definitely hope to pursue with you in the future.

"CARIBBEAN 3D"– March 2006
Your intimate knowledge of the cruise industry led to you recognize an opportunity amid what appeared to be nothing but bad news. Demand for Caribbean cruises had taken a dive, primarily due to concerns about the prospect of hurricanes. You immediately set about creating an IMAX film concept designed specifically to address the cruise industry’s problems (by stimulating Demand) in a very creative way."