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Tom Martinís New Venture Strategies is the consultancy behind countless on-trend promotional and business concepts initiated over an entrepreneurial career spanning thirty years. From ground breaking e-marketing strategies that leverage the multitude of vertical online communities to development of entertainment (film and television) products designed specifically to promote destination tourism Ė Tomís ability to "think like the people you are most trying to influence" is evident in all his New Venture Strategies.


“Tom Martin can become an expert on your business in a week with vast resources for research. Then, armed with this knowledge, he can come up with business strategies that may well revolutionize your revenue streams. His imagination and ability to focus on problems is like none I have ever seen. You will also love working with him as we have over the many years.”
                                                             Charles Ward:  Founder & CEO - Idea Works, Inc.

“Tom is present at an impressive share of the moments of new business creation, such as the business model for the preservation of the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy, and marketing of the America’s Cup yacht race, and entertainment properties. His rare combination of insight, passion and instinct for growth produce strategies that leverage the challenges of change, that resonate. As a result his clients find more pathways to ROI. I have seen Tom create strategies that break new ground and inspire veteran entrepreneurs. Get in touch and get inspired.”

Mark R. Bailey:  Founder & Principal, Creative Director, Sr. Writer- MBCI